Hot water in the yard?
No problem.

Hot water in the yard?
No problem.

The new HOTTAP v2

For all the times you’ve needed hot water around the house.

With the Joolca HOTTAP v2, hot water is available anywhere you need it around the house. From washing your furry friends, an oudoor shower near the pool or beach house, or just filling up a bucket with hot water! 

starting at $399 AUD

There’s a HOTTAP for everyone

Joolca has the perfect kit no matter what kind of need you have, from a full blown BBQ Kitchen Sink to just a pet wash, we’ve got you covered!

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From $399 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I set up the HOTTAP?

Can I use it to heat up ..... The answer is yes!

Although the HOTTAP is originally designed as a camping and over-landing portable hot shower system, we have thousands of customers who's main use of their HOTTAP is 'around the house'.

Here's a list of some of the common (and crazy) ways people have benefited from having hot water available near the home, so chances are if you are wondering if your use case will work, it probably will.

  • An outdoor shower during renovations and emergencies
  • A outdoor shower at a beach house or near the pool, to keep the mess outside.
  • A pet bath
  • A hot water faucet for washing hands outside after some DIY work or gardening.
  • Feeding a pressure washer with hot water, to help with washing away hard-wearing grime and grease.
  • Heating up a kiddie pool and turning it into an instant hot tub!

How long will the gas bottle work, and what kind of gas bottle do I use?

The most common use is a standard 9kg Gas bottle which will provide for 15 hours of hot water on 'high'. Plenty of time to get yourself some raisin fingers.

Smaller gas bottles such as 2kg and 4kg also work, but some may need adapters.

How hot does the water get?

HOTTAP heats water up to 50°C, after which it'll turn off to prevent scalding yourself, kids and pets. To put this into perspective, a normal shower temperature is somewhere between 38-42°C.

What is your returns policy? 

We offer free shipping to you. Once you get the product you've got 30 days to actually open the box and have a play with your gear to see if you like it and if it'll suit your purpose. It it doesn't, reach out to us and we'll arrange for a full refund including the return shipping costs. There is literally no risk to you!

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