Natural Disaster Relief

Help us help Australia

Joolca is committed to donating shower stations to families, emergency responders and animal shelters that have been affected by the recent devastation of the Australian bushfires. 

What Joolca is doing

We’ve partnered with Fire Relief Run, an amazing charitable initiative working around the clock to help those who are still waiting to start rebuilding their lives after the devastating bushfires. We send them as many HOTTAPs as we can, but the reality is they need more.

If you’d like to help us help Australia and do some good, there isn’t a more deserving cause. We'd like to suggest a really good home for your old HOTTAP where you can send them to our friends at Fire Relief Run.  

Here's how you can donate your old HOTTAP
    1. Box up your old HOTTAP unit
    2. Please send a quick email to to organise your donation.
See how our HOTTAPs are making a difference. 

Meet Jel.

Her place is very remote in the hardest hit mountain ridge during the Australian bushfires. Accessible only by 4wd. She lives alone with her dog and just got a caravan on the weekend to move back onto her property. Fire Relief Run have been working around the clock helping out people like these to get back on their feet.

A hot shower on your own property is a huge mental boost for those who lost everything.

See more of their amazing work here! 


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